Fast approvals!

The Robinson helicopter revolutionized the personal helicopter business. We have been financing Robinsons for over nine years. We understand the helicopter and issues such as the core rebuild. We even are in tune to such details as the difference in rotor inertia between the R22 and and the R44. Because we understand the brand, we have a few limitations and some great features:

  • We don’t want the helicopter to “core out” during the term of the loan. Therefore, we look for a helicopter with more than half its life remaining (6 years, 1100 hours). Knowing your proposed utilization is critical to determining the right loan structure.
  • We can finance a core rebuild. However, we only disburse funds once the overhaul is complete, log books are signed off, and the helicopter is returned to airworthy status. That means either you or the repair facility must front the cost of the core kit and the labor, about $200,000. The overhaul takes 3-4 months.
  • Robinsons sell quickly. Therefore, we have to move quickly. Typically a loan approval takes about one week, and we can close very soon thereafter.
  • When the engine quits, an autorotation in the R22 must be immediately established in less than two seconds. The R44 gives you up to nine seconds. For most non-professional aviators, it takes at least two seconds to recognize what just happened. For an R22 pilot, that’s too late-the rotor has already stopped. For that reason, we will not finance R22 aircraft to be used in flight schools, nor will we finance an R22 for novice pilots. We don’t want the loan to be repaid from insurance.

Visit the Robinson Library by clicking the link below to access and download additional information.

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