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How May Helofinance Serve You?

Financing helicopters for more than nine years we have closed loans and leases on helicopters as varied as R44’s, Bell 206, MD500, AS350, Military Surplus, and the sleek R66.

We ARE the source that the aircraft financing companies send their helicopter applicants. We get the loan or lease closed, and depending upon the complexity of the transaction, we can close in as little as two weeks.

Lead underwriter John Janssen is an ATP rated pilot with close to 30,000 hours of flying time, multiple type ratings, CFII-MEI, a former USAF pilot (C-141, C-12, T-38), a pilot examiner, and a former airline captain for a major international airline. John is assisted by a dedicated group of experts with extensive backgrounds in all facets of aviation.

We understand flying! From the enthusiast flying his Cessna on weekends, the Robinson owner,  the air ambulance operator, the Part 135 charter operator, part 121 air carrier, ag pilot, fire fighter, etc. We “get” your operation. We fly too! We love flying, it’s in our DNA!

But wait! There’s more!

We are a Christian-based company that holds as our fundamental tenet to “Honor God in everything we do”.

We state that for two reasons:

1) It implies a certain standard of behavior to include honesty and integrity
2) We expect to be held accountable to that standard.

At the end of the day, we want to know that we worked to the best of our ability for our clients, that we did our job honestly and with integrity, that we offered the kind of advice we would like to receive, and we did not offer advice that was contrary to our clients’ best interests.