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Download an application!Get easy financing with Helofinance. It's a helofa deal. Loans and Leases available nation-wide.       
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All Operations

1Whatever operation you might be engaged in, we likely have a solution. Operations such as personal use, flight school, pipeline, aerial application, photography, sight seeing, medivac, heavy lift, all can be accommodated


2Loans are available for for piston and turbine-powered.  Minimum loan amount is $100,000 for piston and $500,000 for turbine. Rates between 4.5% and 5.9%


3Lease purchase is a financing tool which is structured much like a loan, but has distinct tax and accounting advantages for the business owner. Leases are available only to businesses with good business income


4We close loans. We understand issues such as component times, Robinson core life, rotor inertia and auto rotation. We are the source to which brokers and lenders send helicopter deals.
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